Thinking quantum

In quantum physics, every metric is conceived as a vector. But that’s where its relation with classical physics ends, makes teaching a pain.

Teaching classical mechanics is easy because we engage with it every day in many ways. Enough successful visualization tools exist to do that.

Just wondering why quantum mechanics has to be so hard. All I need is to find a smart way to make visualizing it easier.

Analogizing quantum physics with classical physics creates more problems than it solves. More than anything, the practice creates a need to nip cognitive inconsistencies in the bud.

If quantum mechanics is the way the world works at its most fundamental levels, why is it taught in continuation of classical physics?

Is or isn’t it easier to teach mathematics and experiments relating to quantum mechanics and then present the classical scenario as an idealized, macroscopic state?

After all, isn’t that the real physics of the times? We completely understand classical mechanics; we need more people who can “think quantum” today.