A new beginning

When The Wire was launched on May 11, 2015, we (the editors) decided to organise the site’s content within six principal categories: politics, political economy, foreign affairs, science, culture and law.

In the five years since, the Big Three categories — politics, political economy and foreign affairs — have come to dominate The Wire‘s identity as a digital news site, even as our science category has acquired a voice of its own and performed much better than we expected. And yet, given the crush of ‘conventional’ news, science has not been able to voice at its fullest on the crowded pages of The Wire.

To fix this issue as well as to give our science stories the freedom — and responsibility — to constitute their own publication (of sorts), we launched on February 28 The Wire Science as its own beast: https://science.thewire.in.

While we remain strapped for resources, we recognise that it’s a necessary step in the road to the top: an Indian independent, fully reader-funded, science news, analysis and commentary website. That said, we will begin populating the new site with shorter, longer and different types of stories that we can already afford and which now have the breathing room they need.

As always, please engage with The Wire Science, share the stories you like, comment and discuss on Twitter and Facebook, send your bouquets and brickbats to science at thewire dot in, and please donate (especially if you can). This is all we need for the trek. 🙂